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Elevated is the exclusive worldwide distributor for ribbons from Nukote International.
Elevated is your source for ribbons and thermal fax rolls for point of sale & cash register devices, thermal printers, fax machines, and calculators.
Printer Ribbons      
OEM\MFG P/N Nectron P/N Machine Model Numbers Description
1030 RBRO1030 Brother AX 10 Correctable, Black Black
A2M0077 RF197BKNY Apple Imagewriter, Black Black
AH37945-0 RCITIZEN120D Citizen 120D/180D. Black Black
LA36R-12 RF148BKNYPLA DEC LA30/36, Black Black
8766 RENDFX5000 Epson DFX5000/8000, Black Black
8750 N192 Epson FX/MX/RX80. Black Black
8755 N193 Epson FX/MX100, Black Black
7753 REPSONLQ800 Epson LQ570/800, Black Black
7754 N289 Epson LQ1000, Black Black
SO15086 RLQ2170 Epson LQ2070/2170, Black Black
S015329 RFX890 Epson FX890, Black Black
D30L90010601 RFUJITSUDPL9 Fujitsu DL3300, Black Black
CA02374-C104 RFUJIDL3800 Fujitsu DL3800, Black Black
1040930 RIBM2380 IBM 2380/2390/2480 Seamless, Black Black
1040440 RIBM1040440 IBM 4224, Black Black
1380999 RF3625BKPO IBM Wheelwriter 3 & 5 Correctable, Black Black
1337765 RFC-16 IBM Wheelwriter 3 & 5 L.O.T. Cassettee L.O.T.
52102001 ROKIUNIV Okidata 182/192/320/390 Universal Seamless, Black Black
52103601/0301 ROKI393 Okidata 393/3410, Black Black
42377801 ROKIUNIV Okidata 420/421/490 Seamless, Black Black
52107001/6001 ROKI590 Okidata 520/590 Seamless, Black Black
KXP110/15/45 RKXP666 Panasonic KXP1090/1124 Seamless, Black Black
KXP155 RKXP155 Panasonic KXP1524/1624 Seamless, Black Black
KXP150 RKXP150 Panasonic KXP2123/80 Seamless, Black Black
KXP160 RKXP160 Panasonic KXP2130/35, Black Black
KXP170 RKXP170 Panasonic KXP3626/96, Black Black
102796-001 RF159BKNY Printronix P300/600, Black Black
80982300 RSTARNX1000 Star NX1000/LC10, Black Black
80982020 RSTARNX2400 Star NX2400/LC2415, Black Black
POS Ribbons      
OEM\MFG P/N Nectron P/N Machine Model Numbers Description
SR-302PL RSHARP3220 Brother SR302/Sharp ER3220, Purple Purple
SR-402PL RBROSR402 Brother SR-402/Omron RS4541, Purple Purple
IR31B RCITIR31B Citizen IR-31, Black Black
IR31P RCITIR31P Citizen IR-31, Purple Purple
IR31RB RCITIR31B/R Citizen IR-31, Black/Red Black/Red
IR41-BR RCITIR41B/R Citizen IR-41, Black/Red Black/Red
IR-51BR RCITIDP562B/R Citizen IDP562, Black/Red Black/Red
IR-51PL RCITIDP562PL Citizen IDP562, Purple Purple
IR-61BR RCITDP600B/R Citizen DP600, Black/Red Black/Red
IR-61BK RCITDP600BK Citizen DP600, Black Black
IR-61PL RCITDP600PL Citizen DP600, Purple Purple
IR-71PL RCITDP730PL Citizen DP730, Purple Purple
IR-91PL RCITM910 Citizen M910, Purple Purple
105110-007A RDHPRINT DH Print 4411, Purple Purple
105110-002B RDHPRINTBK DH Print 4411, Black Black
ERC-02BR RF142BKRDUP Epson ERC-02, Black/Red Black/Red
ERC-02PR RF142PL/RD Epson ERC-02, Purple/Red Purple/Red
ERC-03 RF196BK Epson ERC-03, Black Black
ERC-03 RF196PRPLNY Epson ERC-03, Purple Purple
ERC-05PL RENERC05PL Epson ERC-05, Purple Purple
ERC-09BK RG164BK Epson ERC-09, Black Black
ERC-09PL RG164PL Epson ERC-09, Purple Purple
ERC-18PL RENERC18 Epson ERC-18, Purple Purple
ERC-21PL RENERC21 Epson ERC-21, Purple Purple
ERC-23BR RENERC23 Epson ERC-23, Black/Red Black/Red
ERC-23BK RENERC23BK Epson ERC-23, Black Black
ERC-23PL RENERC23PL Epson ERC-23, Purple Purple
ERC-23PR RENERC23P/R Epson ERC-23, Purple/Red Purple/Red
ERC-27PL RENERC27 Epson ERC-27, Purple Purple
ERC-27BK RENERC27BK Epson ERC-27, Black Black
ERC-28BK RENERC28BK Epson ERC-28, Black Black
ERC-28PL RENERC28PL Epson ERC-28, Purple Purple
ERC-30PL RENERC30 Epson ERC-30/34/38, Purple Purple
ERC-30BR RENERC30B/R Epson ERC-30/34/38, Black/Red Black/Red
ERC-30BK RENERC30BK Epson ERC-30/34/38, Black Black
ERC-30PR RENERC30P/R Epson ERC-30/34/38, Purple/Red Purple/Red
ERC-31PL RENERC31 Epson ERC-31, Purple Purple
ERC-31BK RENERC31BK Epson ERC-31, Black Black
ERC-32PL RENERC32 Epson ERC-32. Purple Purple
ERC-32BK RENERC32BK Epson ERC-32, Black Black
ERC-35PL RENERC35 Epson ERC-35, Purple Purple
ERC-35BK RENERC35BK Epson ERC-35, Black Black
ERC-37PL RENERC37 Epson ERC-37, Purple Purple
ERC-39BK RENERC39BK Epson ERC-39, Black Black
ERC-39PL RENERC39PL Epson ERC-39, Purple Purple
ERC-41PL RENERC41 Epson ERC-41, Purple Purple
ERC-41BK RENERC41BK Epson ERC-41, Black Black
1040888 RIBM4683-3BK IBM 4683 Model 3/4694, Black Black
1040875 RIBM4683-3PL IBM 4683 Model 3/4694, Purple Purple
POS Ribbons      
OEM\MFG P/N Nectron P/N Machine Model Numbers Description
198213 RNCR2140-9MM-I NCR 2140/Answer Cassette, Purple Purple
198161 RNCR7156BK NCR 7156/Axhiom Printer, Black Black
198161 RNCR7156PL NCR 7156/Axhiom Printer, Purple Purple
06-0560 ROKIUNIV Okidata 182/192/320/390/Ithaca PC50 Series Universal Seamless, Black Black
RC200BR RSTARSP200B/R Star SP200/212/242, Black/Red Black/Red
RC200BK RSTARSP200BK Star SP200/212/242, Black Black
RC200PL RSTARSP200PL Star SP200/212/242, Purple Purple
RC300BK RSTARSP300BK Star SP300/312/342, Black Black
RC300PL RSTARSP300PL Star SP300/312/342, Purple Purple
RC300BR RSTARSP300B/R Star SP300/312/342, Black/Red Black/Red
RC800B/R RSTARSP700B/R Star SP700/712/742, Black/Red Black/Red
RC700B RSTARSP700BK Star SP700/712/742, Black Black
N/A RTEC1040 TEC MA1040/1400/1900, Purple Purple
N/A RTEC1650 TEC MA1450/1650, Purple Purple
N/A RF137BK/RDUP Universal Calculator Spool, Black/Red Black/Red
N/A RF137PL/RD Universal Calculator Spool, Purple/Red Purple/Red
N/A RF137PLNY Universal Calculator Spool, Purple Purple
CRM0023BR RVERI900 Verifone 900, Black/Red Black/Red
CRM0023PL RVERI900PL Verifone 900, Purple Purple
CRM0023BK RVERI900BK Verifone 900, Black Black
Ink Rollers      
OEM\MFG P/N Nectron P/N Machine Model Numbers Description
IR-40 IR40 IR-40 Ink Roller, Black Black
IR-40T IR40T IR-40T Ink Roller, Black/Red Black/Red
IR-90/91 IR90 IR-90/IR-91 Ink Roller, Purple Purple
Brother Thermal Fax Rolls & Cartridges
OEM P/N Nectron P/N Machine Model Numbers Description
PC-102RF RBRO1350 IF 1150/1250/1350/1450/1550/MFC-1750/1850/1950/Fax-1150/1200/1700
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
PC-202RF RBRO1270 IF 1170/1270/1570/1575/MFC-1025/1770/1780/1870/1970/Fax-1010/1020/1030
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
PC-201 RBROPC201 IF 1170/1270/1570/1575/MFC-1025/1770/1780/1870/1970/Fax-1010/1020/1030
Thermal Transfer Ctg
PC-302RF RBROM750 IF 750/770/775/870/885/MFC-970/Fax-750/770/870/910/917/920/921/930/931/940
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
PC-301 RBROPC301 IF 750/770/775/870/885/MFC-970/Fax-750/770/870/910/917/920/921/930/931/940
Thermal Transfer Ctg
PC-402RF RBRO560 IntelliFax 560/580/MFC-660/Fax-560/565/580
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
PC-401 RBROPC401 IntelliFax 560/580/MFC-660/Fax-560/565/580
Thermal Transfer Ctg
PC-501 RBROPC501 Fax 575
Thermal Transfer Ctg
PC-501 RBROPC501 Fax 575
Thermal Transfer Ctg
Panasonic Thermal Fax Rolls & Cartridges
KX-FA55 RKXFA55 KX-FP150/151/152/155/80/81/85/86/C161/C165/C91/C95/C96/G175/G176/G371/G372
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
KX-FA92 RKXFA92 KX-FPG 376/381
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
KX-FA93 RKXFA93 KX-FD335 FHD331/332/351
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
KX-FA133 RKXFA133 KX-F1000/1006/1020/1050/1070/1100/1150/1200/929
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
KX-FA132 RKXFA133CTG KX-F1000/1006/1020/1050/1070/1100/1150/1200/929
Thermal Transfer Ctg
KX-FA136 RKXFA135 KX-FM205/210/215/220/230/255/260/280/C230/FP195/200/245/250/265/270
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
Sharp Thermal Fax Rolls & Cartridges
OEM P/N Nectron P/N Machine Model Numbers Description
FO-3CR RSHARP300 UX-530/670/300/305/310/330/340/345/355/370/460/470/645/FO-730/760/775/780/880/9000/90X
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
UX-5CR RSHARP100 UX-A255/260/CC500/CL220/P100/200
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg
UX-15CR / FO-15CR RSHARP500 FO-1460/1470/1530/1660 UX-1000/1100/1300/1400/500/510/600
Thermal Transfer Refill Ctg